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Texas Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Commercial vehicle drivers adhere to “Hours of Service” laws that dictate how many hours they can legally drive in a day. These laws were enacted to make sure that drivers aren’t fatigued when behind the wheel. They are important because driving while fatigued can make a driver more prone to error; some studies suggest that […]

Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Buying a smaller vehicle is an entirely logical move for today’s consumer. Smaller vehicles save money at the pump because they typically get better gas mileage. Driving and parking in a city as big and populous as Houston are also easier when you have a smaller car as opposed to a larger SUV or truck. […]

Texas Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

We all know that distraction is one of the biggest hazards on our roads. There are constant debates by lawmakers and safety advocates over texting-while-driving laws. But we should remember that texting represents only one form of distracted driving. For example, AAA estimates that around 60% of moderate-to-severe teen crashes involve distracted driving, but cell […]

Modern technology provides consumers with many options in the for-hire transportation market. Over recent years, the rideshare industry has gained market share and expanded to large cities internationally. Private drivers were once exclusively associated with the wealthy. But now, the average consumer can afford to request a private driver through a rideshare app on a […]

Houston Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you keep up with the local news in Houston, then you know that our roads have recently become more dangerous. The number of vehicle crashes has been on the rise, reflecting a trend seen across the United States. Pedestrian fatalities have also seen sharp increases over recent years. In 2015 alone, there were over […]

Last year, it seemed like the news couldn’t get any worse on our roads. The 8% increase in road fatalities in 2015 was the largest increase in 50 years. That was an alarming jump in traffic deaths — enough to prompt safety advocates to push for even more safety features on vehicles and launch safety […]

Houston Superbowl Injuries

Even if you’re not much of a football fan, we’re sure that you know that Houston is hosting the 51st Big Game on Sunday, February 5. It’s been 13 years since our city 38th Big Game in 2004 and we’ve seen many changes in this short time. Social media will now be the #1 vehicle […]

Vehicle Tire Blowout Houston

Understanding why tires blow out is essential to any driver’s ability to not only prevent a blowout, but also to handle their vehicle safely in the event one occurs. A blowout refers to the popping of a tire due to a sudden or gradual decrease in air pressure. The decrease can be caused by a […]

Texas Aviation Lawyer

Aviation accident causes are many, but most fall into four distinct categories: pilot error, mechanical failure, inclement weather, and air traffic controller error. Of the four, pilot error is by far the most common. No one is perfect and everyone makes a mistake sooner or later. Unfortunately, when a major mistake is made by a […]

  Many newer model vehicles have automated safety features, including tire pressure monitoring systems. Although cars have gotten smart enough to sense when your tire pressure is low, no major vehicle manufacture has yet to roll out a system to monitor whether your tire tread is worn. If you have your car serviced as recommended, […]

Bus travel presents risks of large scale collisions and major injuries. Whether it’s a high school football team traveling to an away game, tour group heading to the casinos, or Metro bus transporting passengers around town, similar risks exist. Recently, these risks became a reality. A tour bus crashed into a tractor-trailer near Palm Springs, […]

  When most people think about an employee bringing a lawsuit arising out of the course and scope of employment, disputes about wages, overtime, and discrimination come to mind. Recently, DeMeco Ryans sued the Houston Texans over the condition of the turf at NRG Stadium. NFL linebacker DeMeco Ryans tore his Achilles tendon while playing […]

Blind spots are a liability for any vehicle, but they are particularly troublesome for 18-wheelers. The sight lines around a commercial truck are blocked by long and wide trailers, often putting the driver in an uncomfortable position. Of course, commercial drivers are trained to account for these blind spots, but even if a driver moves […]

  The 2016 hurricane season has over a month left, and it is certainly not over yet. This has been the deadliest hurricane season since 2005. To date, more than 1,100 lives have been claimed. Take this opportunity to make sure you are prepared for the rest of hurricane season. If you stocked up on […]

An ATV rollover crash puts the driver in immediate danger, as a typical all-terrain vehicle weighs around 500 to 600 pounds. At that size, a vehicle can crush bones and destroy organs if it strikes a person with considerable force. But as deadly as these accidents can be, there is little effort on the part […]

  Since tailgating drivers continue to cause many serious accidents and whiplash injuries, we all must learn how to minimize their chances of harming us. While some people purposefully tailgate or “ride your bumper” to express their road rage, others are just highly nervous, distracted, or impatient individuals – determined to get wherever they’re going, […]

  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) released the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy in September 2016. Developed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the policy addresses highly automated vehicles (“HAVs”). The policy is described as “agency guidance” designed “to speed the delivery of an initial regulatory framework and best practices to guide manufacturers […]

Truck drivers are asked to drive hundreds of miles in a single day, make their deliveries on time, and take their pay by the mile – so is it any surprise that fatigue is a constant concern? But just how much of a concern it is depends on who is doing the talking. Safety researchers […]

Many people are injured every year due to another party’s negligence, which is why it’s important to understand which types of cases accident lawyers often help with. There are a variety of circumstances that can result in personal injury. Let’s examine some of the most common personal injury case types that experienced accident lawyers regularly […]

When an automobile accident occurs due to the negligence of another party, a car accident attorney can be helpful in many ways. First, they can help determine who is the at-fault party or parties. For example, if a mechanical defect was present in the vehicle, but the manufacturer failed to inform all customers in a […]