Month: March 2016

  Outdoor exercise holds a subtle danger—music. Although many outdoor exercise enthusiasts get motivation from music, they may not realize that the same music may prevent them from avoiding a preventable collision with a car or another pedestrian. Music wired through headphones prevents a pedestrian’s ability to hear cues that indicate danger, such as sirens, […]

  Daycare death prompts investigation The death of a 3-month-old baby in a Fort Bend daycare last week resulted in authorities launching an inquiry into the matter.  According to the Missouri City Police Department, they responded to the 800 block of Turtle Creek Drive in Missouri City last Tuesday after reports of a medical emergency.  […]

  DWI head-on collision leaves one dead, three injured An alleged drunk driver caused a head-on collision killing a woman and injuring three others Sunday night in north Harris County. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office indicated the suspected intoxicated driver was travelling eastbound in a Nissan Frontier in the 1000 block of West Mount Houston […]

A vehicle accident lawyer has one goal for their clients – to get them the compensation they are owed as a result of their injuries and suffering. Car crashes represent a major source of injuries, as many people are constantly acting recklessly behind the wheel. This includes speeding out of control, running traffic lights, making […]

A personal injury case is often the only option a victim has when they have been hurt by another party’s negligence. A vehicle accident, a defective product, a poorly maintained workplace – these can all leave victims in terrible shape, and take away their ability to work, or even just take care of themselves. A […]

  Car crash kills pedestrian A vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian early Sunday morning in northwest Houston. Harris County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 9100 block of North Highway 6 where a Honda Civic man struck a man attempting to cross.  The man died at the scene of the incident. Fatal Crash on Hwy […]

  One child dead, one baby injured in weekend car crash They say an accident can happen to anyone at any time here in Houston.  A serious car accident claimed the life of Brian Esparza, a 10-year-old, and seriously injured a 7-month-old baby Saturday evening during a family outing.  Authorities responded to the 2800 block […]

  Man dead in 18-wheeler collision A big-rig crash claimed the life of a man Friday morning in northwest Houston. The Houston Police Department responded to the 5000 block of Dacoma Street and Hempstead Road after reports of a severe crash.  The driver of the 18-wheeler was traveling down Dacoma Street while a man driving […]

  Spring break means swimming in the minds of many young children. Parents should be on high alert when supervising children in pools this early in the swim season. If you are taking a spring vacation to any destination with a pool or open water, instruct your children on the following safety points: Buddy up—never […]

  The spring weather is great for outdoor exercise. The roads are now filled with runners, bicyclists, and the like. With the increase in outdoor exercise also comes an increase for the likelihood of an auto-pedestrian accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 476 pedestrian fatalities and 50 bicyclist fatalities […]