Month: June 2015

Today’s story will discuss a recent fatality resulting from an auto-pedestrian collision. As a pedestrian in Texas, you do not need to go looking for trouble; it may just come find you due to the high volume of vehicles.  This is the case with Edson Alaniz Manzano, a 20-year-old who was operating a weed eater […]

Today’s story will discuss a deadly crash involving a motorcycle and pedestrian. John Anthony Galindo, 48, is facing a felony driving while intoxicated (DWI) after allegedly striking a female pedestrian with his Honda motorcycle in the 5100 block of Irvington Blvd. late Sunday evening.  According to the police, the female died at the scene from […]

To some, being a trucker may seem like an ideal job. What could be easier than just driving down a highway all day, right? However, you carry a certain responsibility when you are driving an 18 wheeler. There’s good reason you need a separate license just to operate one. Each year, it is estimated that […]

For those that have not heard, there has been an epidemic of bicycle accidents in Houston. From the young to the old, lives are being taken over and over by a momentary distraction or lack of sharing the road.  At least 23 cyclists died in a vehicle-related collision in the Houston area over the last […]

This weekend’s article will cover vehicles losing control and the aftermath. Losing control of a vehicle can happen instantly to even the most experienced of drivers.  Whether stemming from a sudden deflation of a defective tire, mechanical failure, faulty maintenance, or simple driver inattention, a vehicle can collide with another vehicle or object and flip […]

Today’s articles will cover the dangers of drunk drivers and backyard fire fits. Two Pearland police officers are lucky to live to tell about their day at work yesterday morning.  The officers were in their patrol cruiser conducting a routine traffic stop at the 11300 block of Shadowcreek Parkway when an alleged drunk driver crashed […]

With all the recent rainy weather affecting Texas, flooding, drownings and property loss are not the only dangers lurking around waiting to ambush us. Today’s stories deal with a train derailment and overturned tractor trailer. A ninety-five car Union Pacific train headed toward Katy came to a halt after six cars derailed from the tracks, […]

Today’s article will discuss a bicycle accident resulting in the death of Dan Hertwck. A cyclist named Dan Hertweck died Monday evening after an Isuzu box truck struck him in northwest Houston.  According to authorities, both the Isuzu box truck and Hertweck were stopped at a red light facing northbound located in the 1700 block […]

Today’s article covers a sad reality: Kids and ATVs do not mixing and the dangers of motorcycles. An ATV rolled over earlier in the week killing a child named Sam McCawley, 5, in Chambers County.  The incident claimed the life of a second child on Saturday as Mercy McCawley, a 7-year-old girl, succumbed to her […]

Today’s articles will discuss a train derailment and the dangers of swimming alone. A freight train derailed Thursday morning near downtown Houston near Old Katy Road and Washington Avenue.  According to authorities, about ten cars derailed with two of them flipping over a bridge down below onto Old Katy Road.  The eighty-four car train is […]

Today’s stories will cover an airbag injury and a head-on collision death. A lawsuit filed in federal court in Louisiana claims that Kylan Langlinais is the seventh victim killed with a Takata airbag.  Ironically, a recall notice regarding the allegedly faulty airbag arrived at the Langlinais residence two days after her death.  Ms. Langlinais, a […]

Today’s stories deal with a barge collision, a train death, and Blue Bell ice cream. A barge collision caused the Houston Ship Channel to partial close for several hours Wednesday morning.  According to the U.S. Coast Guard, a barge owned by Kirby Marine collided with another barge resulting in a leak of naphtha, a flammable […]

Today’s stories deal with lives lost involving big trucks and a drowning. Tragedy struck the Klein Forest community Saturday morning as Omar Rodas, an 18-year-old graduating senior, died in a car collision while on his way to his graduation ceremony at NRG Stadium. Rodas was a passenger in a black Honda that struck the rear […]

Today’s stories will cover the dangers of being a cyclist in Houston and the ever present Blue Bell drama. For the second week in a row, a Houston area cyclist is dead following an unfortunate collision with a vehicle.  A 50-year-old man was struck and killed by a Toyota Corolla early Friday morning in southwest […]

Most people consider alcohol use when they think of liver failure, but the leading cause of acute damage to the organ has nothing to do with drinking. Acetaminophen, usually marketed in the form of Tylenol, is responsible for more cases of acute organ damage than any other risk factor in the country, and the FDA […]

Today’s stories will cover an under reported topic: bus crashes. Wednesday turned out to be a deadly and tragically violent day involving multiple bus crashes around the country.  First, a charter bus full of Italian tourists collided with a tractor-trailer in Poconos Mountain region of eastern Pennsylvania.  The charter bus, which is owned and operated […]

Few things are as dangerous on the road like a drunk truck driver, but scary enough, they are more common than many people realize. The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for keeping them off the road, but it’s impossible to catch everyone. And while the FMCSA does require random drug and alcohol […]

Today’s stories will cover industrial vehicles and yet another storefront crash. Due to the weight and size differential of industrial vehicles when compared to average vehicles, a serious collision with injuries is the usual result when the two meet on the road.  This was the case on Wednesday afternoon when a cement truck collided with […]

A head-on collision is the one accident that drivers should always work to avoid. Not only are these crashes extremely deadly, they are also completely avoidable as long as everyone is paying attention while driving. These wrecks aren’t like other accidents because the force involved is multiplied, and even a modest weight difference between the […]

When a Houston area car accident attorney is needed to help a victim out, the situation is often desperate. Vehicle crashes are capable of producing terrible injuries, and victims can be left without an ability to work or even take care of themselves. Before long, medical expenses will begin mounting, and with no income to […]