Month: September 2013

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 30, 2013 An industrial work-related accident involving a forklift at Overseas Import Export, Inc., near Pinckney Street in Houston sent an injured worker to Ben Taub hospital early Friday morning.  According to the Houston Police Department, the employee was trapped under some pallets due to a forklift accident. A […]

When tragedy involving commercial vehicles or buses strikes on Houston highways, it may be time to think about calling a local bus accident lawyer. Whether the victim was a passenger in the commercial vehicle or simply happened to be in its path of destruction, a bus accident lawyer may be able to assist clients in […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 27, 2013 A 19-year-old Montgomery teenager who was convicted of driving with a blood-alcohol level almost twice the legal limit was handed a 3- year  prison sentence and 10 years of community supervision Thursday in connection with the December 23rd. crash that killed one of his best […]

Following an airplane accident, injury lawyers are frequently involved in the investigation because these tragedies are often caused by pilot error or defective parts. These incidents are exceedingly rare, but they often result in major loss of life and many injuries. During the investigation, multiple parties may be found responsible for the crash, making it […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 26, 2013 A commuter Metro bus traveling outbound on the HOV lanes of Interstate 45 and Gears Road caught fire Wednesday around 5 p.m.  The Metro bus driver evacuated approximately 40 unharmed bus commuters after he reported smoke and flames coming from the back of the […]

Child injury lawyer Terry Bryant knows that any harm to an infant or young person can cause devastating trauma to a family. Even more so if the injury could have been prevented and was inflicted through the negligence of others. Dangers to babies and juveniles seem to lurk around every corner, and parents do their […]

On May 7, 1980, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, was formed by Candice Lightner. Lightner created the organization after her 13-year-old daughter was hit and killed by an intoxicated motorist. The man was eventually caught and arrested for DUI and intoxicated manslaughter. At the time, it was his fifth arrest for DUI. This spurred […]

Asbestos lawsuits are often filed when exposure to the material has resulted in major health complications. This is an active field of law, because the substance was extremely popular in many applications throughout the 20th century. Many construction workers, firefighters, miners, electricians, shipyard workers and manufacturing laborers have been diagnosed with conditions related to the […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 25, 2013 A suspected drunk driver faces intoxication manslaughter charges after reportedly running a red light, striking three vehicles, and killing a young woman at the intersection of Hillcroft Avenue and Southwest Freeway Sunday.  According to Houston police, the female passenger died at the scene while […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 24, 2013 A woman is badly injured, by an alleged drunk driver, after stopping to help a driver involved in another wreck early Sunday morning near the 5000 block of the South Loop feeder road near Jutland.  According to the Houston Police Department, the 27-year old […]

Accidents can happen to anyone, but there are times when the circumstances call for slip and fall lawyers. These legal experts are personal injury attorneys who are generally well-versed in handling cases that involve harm that befell their clients while on someone else’s property, namely those connected to stumbling and falling. Medical bills and lost […]

People who have taken Chantix may suffer from various mental health side effects as a result of the medication, but a drug injury attorney may be able to help. Varenicline is the primary ingredient in Chantix and was under investigation by the FDA for several years. During this time, event reports showed that patients, even […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 23, 2013 A Houston police officer was struck and injured by a pickup truck in a traffic collision Friday morning while working on another accident that involved two vehicles southbound on the Eastex Freeway near Beltway 8.  According to Transtar officials, a big rig and a […]

Medical lawsuits occur every day for numerous reasons. The most common reasons are medical mistakes, automobile accidents, defective products, and accidents resulting from falls. When this type of situation occurs, a client may not know what to do or who to turn to for advice and legal consultation. An excellent answer to this question would […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 20, 2013 Three overturned big rigs created confusion on Thursday for Houston-area traffic.  The first 18-wheeler flipped around 6:20 a.m. on the frontage road of Katy Freeway near Highway 99.  The second overturned big-rig caused three blocked lanes after smashing the barrier between the main lanes […]

A lawyer for a car accident is often obtained when a person has been injured in an automobile crash.   Vast amounts of knowledge and experience are very important for winning these types of cases.  Money may sometimes be an issue.  It is important to remember that free consultations are often offered by many reputable firms.  […]

A wrongful death lawyer is an attorney who represents the family members (or estate) of a person who died due to the negligence or misconduct of another in civil court proceedings. In Texas, this type of legal action can be brought by the children, parents or spouse of the deceased. These cases generally fall under […]

During a drug recall, a lawyer is often the loudest voice speaking up for the victim. Removing medications from the market is normally done when ingredients are omitted from the label or are shown to be contaminated. Every now and then, though, a major medication prescribed to many is found to harbor health risks that […]

Filing a car accident injury claim may initially be the farthest thing from the minds of anyone involved in a major accident. But once the dust settles, bones are healing, and the medical bills start trickling in, financial considerations often move to the top of the list of priorities. If the collision is believed to […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of September 19, 2013 A jury in Hays County sentenced a 44-year-old San Marcos woman to life in prison after her sixth driving while intoxicated conviction Wednesday. According to investigators, Davidson had DWI convictions going back to 1996 and received the sixth one in July 2012 on Interstate […]