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Understanding How To Handle A Car Accident
It’s important that every driver understands how to handle a car accident. No matter how safely one drives or how cautious one approaches the road, an incident can occur at any moment, turning a routine drive into a possibly life-threatening emergency in the blink of an eye.
Houston Led Texas in Number of Drunk Driver Related Crashes
In a populous city like Houston, drivers are more likely to be injured by a drunk driver thanks to high percentages of alcohol-related crashes.
An Experienced Medical Injury Lawyer Can Help with a Variety of Cases
A skilled and experienced medical injury lawyer understands a victim’s needs and what a victim is going through. This is because a lawyer with the background necessary to tackle these sorts of cases has knows how disruptive the experience can be, and the type of suffering often involved.
Three Examples Of Bad Faith Insurance Practices
Injury or property damage victims are often in a vulnerable state when they turn to their insurance carrier for assistance, and bad faith insurance practices can make a bad situation much worse.
How Can Houston Trial Lawyers Assist Injury Victims?
Houston trial lawyers are an essential part of the justice system and how it effects the millions of people who call the Bayou City home. In any large city, unforeseen accidents and injuries are going to happen.
The Five Most Common Causes Of Air Traffic Accidents
While aviation accidents remain relatively rare, passengers and pilots alike may be interested in knowing the five most common causes of air traffic accidents to understand how things can go wrong during a flight or landing.
How Can Car Accident And Property Damage Claims Be Handled?
Although it may not be as pressing as dealing with injuries, in the aftermath of a car accident, property damage is also something that must be addressed. In some ways, it’s harder to sort out than expenses related to injuries.
The Health Risks Of Drilling Mud For Oil Industry Employees
Drilling mud, also known as drilling fluid, is an important component of the oil drilling process. The fluid is projected from reservoirs through pumps into wells, where it serves a variety of purposes.
In the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry, an Oil Platform Explosion is Often Deadly
This article discusses a variety of factors surrounding incidents of oil platform explosion, including inherent dangers, avoidable dangers, and government-recorded statistics.
What Should Victims Know About A Metro Rail Accident In Houston?
Every month, Metro rail accident occurrences in Houston injure or kill several people. Even though the train system has been in place since 2004, there are still about five crashes every month.
The Remarkably High Percentage of Accidents at Intersections
The percentage of accidents at intersections in the U.S. is a remarkably high number, with most caused by left turns.
18-Wheeler Accident Statistics: A Look at the Cold, Hard Numbers and Their Causes
This article discusses the CDC’s 2015 Vital Signs report on large truck accidents (including 18-wheeler accident statistics), detailing fatality and injury rates, and some of their causes.
A Deeper Look Into Crane Accident Statistics & The Primary Causes Of Injuries
One look at crane accident statistics makes it immediately clear how dangerous this machinery can be.
Vehicle Fire Statistics Indicate Increased Risk To Individuals
While there is a decrease in highway vehicle fires, statistics show a trend toward individual events being more dangerous.
Knowing Why Tires Blow Out Helps Drivers Prevent Accidents
Tire blowouts result in over 78,000 crashes every year. Proper education on reasons why tires blow out can help drivers prevent them and save lives.
Victims May Have Recourse With Assistance From Burn Injury Lawyers
In a culture where victims are assumed to be at fault, burn injury lawyers can prove to be a strong ally against wrongful harm.
Common Aviation Accident Causes: A Look at the Why and How
Employing the FAA’s 2016 general aviation safety fact sheet, this article discusses common aviation accident causes.
How Can Bicycle Accident Attorneys Help Victims Following A Crash?
When we grab our bikes to head to work or school, we rarely think of the possible long-term effects from a single accident. In the event of a bicycling crash, even the most experienced cyclists with great protective gear, including a helmet, can be severely injured or even killed.
About Employee Safety & A Workers Compensation Claim
Getting hurt on the job is one of the worst situations someone can face, and a worker’s compensation claim may be needed in an attempt to cover medical bills and other critical expenses.
What Are The Risks Of An ATV Rollover Crash & Who Is Liable?
An ATV rollover crash is the most common form of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents, and it’s perhaps the most life-threatening as well. Although all-terrain vehicles are marketed as capable of handling any setting, they are not well-suited to any terrain.
Terry Bryant Scholarship Winners
Past winners of the Terry Bryant Scholarship award. We will be announcing winners on an annual basis.
6 Case Types That Accident Lawyers Often Assist With
Many wonder what types of cases accident lawyers often assist with. It’s an excellent question with an important answer from which anyone can gain some insight.
Examples Of When A Defective Products Attorney May Be Needed
A defective products attorney specializes in the laws regarding consumer protection.
What Are The Advantages Of A Car Accident Attorney?
While some automobile crashes can be minor and handled out of court, victims of severe crashes resulting in injury may find it helpful to have a car accident attorney by their side.
How Can A Mesothelioma Cancer Attorney Help A Family?
A mesothelioma diagnosis can leave a family feeling blindsided and alone. A mesothelioma cancer attorney can help a family in their pursuit to hold the responsible parties accountable.
When Might A Wrongful Death Suit Be Filed?
A wrongful death suit can result from a situation where those close to a deceased individual believe that their passing was caused by negligence for the safety of the victim by someone else, whether intentional or not.
How Can Workers Compensation Lawyers Help Injured Employees?
Sometimes, when an employee is injured on the job, their employer and an insurance company will not support them if they file a claim for compensation. Workers compensation lawyers will fight on the side of the employee and help them seek suitable recompense for their hardship.
6 Steps To Follow After A Big Rig Accident
A big rig accident is a rather common occurrence on our roadways today. Statistics surrounding these incidents often surprise drivers and prove just how frequent they really are. And when someone is involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, it often results in devastating injuries.
The Complications With Shoulder Joint Replacement Implants
Shoulder replacement, like any form of joint replacement, is often the only option left when a patient can no longer handle the pain and loss of motion due to a deteriorating joint.
When Should Families Seek Help From A Wrongful Death Lawyer?
Losing a loved one is awful. And in cases of a death caused by a crime or negligence, family members often feel anger and a profound desire for justice, prompting them to seek the services of a wrongful death lawyer.
Why Are Patients Taking Proton Pump Inhibitors Filing Law Suits?
Although they are among the most potent and popular drugs available for treating gastric acid disorders, many people taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have filed law suits due to their extensive complications.
How Can Work Injury Lawyers Assist Victims Hurt On The Job?
When an employee experiences an accident on the job, they may consider speaking with work injury lawyers to discuss the circumstances and determine if they have grounds for a case.
How Can Negligence Result In Defective Product Lawsuits?
Defective product lawsuits can be the best way for a victim to get compensation for injuries related to product defections stemming from the lack of a warning label, a design flaw, or a factory defect.
Types Of Accidents An Injury Lawyer In Houston Can Assist With
A personal injury lawyer in Houston may be able to help when someone is injured due to another person’s negligence. And understanding what options are available and how to respond can be a crucial factor in getting the justice a victim deserves.
What Claims Do Accident Lawyers In Texas Represent Most Often?
Accident lawyers in Texas handle thousands of cases every year involving victims harmed by the negligence of other parties. Every day, people face risks from every direction, whether on the road, at work, or even at home.
What Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Side Effects?
Proton pump inhibitors side effects can range from highly uncomfortable to very serious. Individuals who use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) should be aware of the range of potential side effects that PPI use can cause.
Victims Of A Dangerous Dog Bite May Want To Contact A Lawyer
When a dangerous dog causes a bite, a lawyer may be the victim’s best chance at getting compensation and justice for their injury. Animal attacks are notoriously difficult to take legal action against here in Texas.
When Should Victims Of A Bus Crash Consider A Texas Lawyer?
Due to the massive sizes of buses and lack of basic safety features, injuries from a bus crash in Texas may require a lawyer.
The Connection Between An Explosion And Wrongful Death Claims
Some of the most severe injuries occur during an explosion, and death is a real possibility when people are in close proximity to the accident.
Common Reasons An Auto Injury Lawyer Is Contacted After A Wreck
If a car accident occurs, an auto injury lawyer may prove to be of invaluable service. Accidents where there are no injuries typically don’t require the assistance of an attorney. However, depending on the severity and type of accident, a lawyer may still be needed.
Why Are Tire Separation Cases A Frequent Occurrence?
Tire separation cases are a product of an industry using imperfect technology and using it in ways that are reckless. Steel-belted tires are the standard for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but this approach to manufacturing comes with inherent risks.
What Are Common Causes Of A Rail Crash?
Trains are the rugged workhorses of U.S. freight and passenger transport, but as reliable as they are, rail crash incidents do happen, and when they do, the results are often tragic.
Houston's Terrible 10 Intersections
Traffic is a fact of life in Houston, and so are traffic accidents. In 2011, approximately 15% of all vehicles accidents in Texas occurred in Houston, making its roads more dangerous than any other city’s streets in Texas.
When Does A Birth Injury Usually Involve Negligence?
A doctor can be at fault for causing a birth injury if it is determined he failed to provide proper care for the mother and child before or after delivery.
How Can Negligence Cause A Ship Death Of A Passenger?
When vacationers head out to sea, they don’t expect tragedy to strike, but poor construction, navigation, or staffing can increase the chances of a ship causing the wrongful death of a passenger.
Why Should Victims Injured When A Dog Bites Consider A Lawyer?
When a dog bites and causes injury, the victim may want to consider reaching out for legal assistance. Canines bite millions of people in the United States ever year. However, while most bites are often relatively harmless, there are times when dog bites are painful and severe-- even fatal.
The Main Types Of Cases Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help With
When the consequences of a doctor or hospital’s actions are debilitating and devastating, patients may be left wondering if their situation is considered medical malpractice and whether they should consult with lawyers.
What Are Some Typical Proton Pump Inhibitors Adverse Effects?
Proton pump inhibitors adverse effects are nothing to be trifled with and are often the result of overuse. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are medications designed to combat excessive stomach acid, and to relieve acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD).
Understanding The Three Types Of Defective Product Cases
Anyone can be injured by a defective item, so everyone should be aware of a few things about defective product cases.
What To Know About Asbestos Related Lung Cancer
While largely attributed to smoking, asbestos is another lung cancer cause that people need to know about. Asbestos is a fiber-shaped mineral used especially during the late 19th and early 20th centuries because of its resistance to heat, fire, chemicals, and electricity.
Why Are Off Shore Oil Rig Injuries Common Occurences
Oil rig injuries occur 7 times more then the standard US fatality rate. Read more to find out why. Need help with an oil rig injury case contact Terry Bryant.
5 Causes Leading To A Commercial Trucking Accident
These 5 causes are the top culprits when it comes to commercial trucking accidents. If you have been involved in a big rig accident and need help contact us today!
Common Causes of Motor Cycle Accidents in Houston
A motorcycle injury lawyer in Houston can help bikers who have been hurt on the road, and approaching a legal professional is often essential, as the medical complications arising from such a crash can be severe.
Common Aviation Accidents
Aviation accidents occur only rarely, but when one does happen, the results are almost always tragic. Airplane crashes can be catastrophic, and those who manage to survive are usually badly injured. What makes the situation worse for loved ones is that it is extremely difficult to determine what exa...
Why People In Houston Need an Accident Attorney
An accident attorney in Houston plays an essential role for people recovering from serious injuries. No matter how someone is hurt, if it’s due to the negligence of another party, they have the legal right to bring a claim against the responsible person or institution.
What Are Causes of Train Derailments?
In the 21st century, train derailment is not a common occurrence due to improved safety regulations. Yet they do still occur, and the distinct causes are classified as different types of failures.
How can a Texas Mesothelioma Lawyer help a worker harmed by asbestos?
A Texas area mesothelioma lawyer is a voice for workers who have been exposed to asbestos, one of the deadliest materials once found on work sites everywhere. For decades, the dangers of asbestos were unknown, or at least poorly understood. But even when the dangers were becoming clear, many employe...
When Should a Victim Consider Hiring a Trucking Accident Attorney?
If someone is hurt during a crash involving an 18-wheeler, it’s always a good idea to consider legal action. While the commercial driver and their employer may not be to blame, there is usually some degree of negligence involved.
What Is A Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Unfortunately, wrongful death law suits are common practice in today's legal world. From medical malpractice to vehicle accidents, these cases are the result of ill-fated events that leave surviving family members at a loss.
When Can a Maritime Lawsuit Be Filed?
The Jones Act (also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) is a legislation that protects American workers at sea and allows them to file a maritime lawsuit to claim compensation for accidents or sicknesses that occur due to their job.
What is the Legal Process for a Maritime Accident?
When a worker is hurt in a maritime accident, they are first entitled to compensation through the principle of maintenance and cure. Maintenance and cure are established through common law, and not through the Jones Act, but they are the initial layer of support given to hurt workers.
What are Some of the Most Common Causes of an Offshore Death in the Oilfield Industry?
Although the data and statistics do show a fluctuation in these common causes of fatalities year-after-year, the following workplace safety issues, related to an offshore death, have consistently been the most common:
Can Texas Cerebral Palsy Injury Attorney Help?
Cerebral Palsy Injury can devastate families. See if a Texas Attorney can help?
How Can A Maritime Injury Lawyer Use The Jones Act For Claims?
A maritime injury lawyer focuses their efforts on helping workers hurt at sea, as these victims have little recourse when they are hurt.
What Qualities Should A Good Houston Mesothelioma Lawyer Have?
Contacting an experienced Houston mesothelioma lawyer is the best way for a victim of this disease to get the compensation that they deserve. Mesothelioma is an uncommon illness related to asbestos exposure that attacks the thin protective tissue layer covering the lungs.
How Can A Construction Injury Lawyer Help Those Hurt On The Job?
A construction injury lawyer often has to help hurt workers contend with some of the worst injuries imaginable. This industry is one of the most dangerous in the U.S., and from 2000 to 2010, it was responsible for 20 percent of all fatal injuries among workers.
What Kinds Of Paralysis Injuries Can A Lawyer Help Victims With?
When a serious accident leaves a victim with paralysis, an injury lawyer can step in and help them get the funds needed for long-term treatment and disability. Traumatic injuries to the spine or brain can cause loss of feeling to the extremities, and in general, such injuries are permanent.
How Can An Amputation Victim Receive Help From A Lawyer?
Some accidents are so severe they require an amputation, and a lawyer will consider the vast emotional suffering that such an accident can cause. Though any accident can result in loss of limb, vehicle crashes and industrial accidents are usually the cause.
Ten Cases Regularly Handled By A Houston Personal Injury Lawyer
A Houston personal injury lawyer regularly handles a number of case types that vary greatly. These are the ten most common types of cases he or she handles in the Houston area.
How Can A Burn Injury Lawyer Offer Assistance To Victims?
An experienced burn injury lawyer can be an asset to those who have suffered burn-related trauma as a result of another person or party’s negligence. With over 400,000 related injuries every year, most of the victims survive.
Understanding The Risks Of Ovarian Cancer Caused By Talc Powder
For many years, women have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer caused by using talcum, or talc powder. The main manufacturer of the product, Johnson & Johnson, has been held accountable for the lack of warnings on their product.
Unsecured Loads And Trucking Accidents
A 2012 study from the Government Accountability Office, authorized by Congress, indicated that 440 deaths and 10,000 injuries, in more than 51,000 incidents, were the result of unsecured loads and road debris.
Trucking Accidents And Drug Abuse
Trucking accidents are a serious issue across the U.S., with 3,921 people killed and 104,000 injured in large trucking accidents in 2012. The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States has been studying truck drivers, particularly the issue of drug abuse.
Trucking Accidents And Aggressive Driving
When compared to drowsy drivers, aggressive truck drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident, according to statistics found in Driving Insights.
Who Is Liable When A Dump Truck Accident Injures Other Drivers?
A dump truck accident is capable of producing terrible injuries, especially when the vehicle is loaded down with cargo. The weight difference between a typical car and a loaded cargo vehicle is staggering, and this can lead to tragic incidents that involve multiple drivers.
Who Is Held Responsible When A Fatal Bus Rollover Occurs?
A fatal bus rollover accident is more common in the U.S. than it would first seem, and with large passenger vehicles, every crash is serious.
What Are The Dangers Of Asbestos And Lung Cancer Disease?
By now, most people have heard of the link between asbestos and lung cancer. At one time, asbestos was commonly used for a variety of purposes in North America (and much of the rest of the world), particularly before its carcinogenic properties were widely known and publicized.
How Can A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Assist Injured Victims?
As more cities go green, more and more cyclists are hitting the roads. With this increase in bicycles on the road, it is inevitable that incidents will occur which will require the services of a bicycle accident lawyer.
What Can Cause A Child To Suffer With Birth Defects?
A child born with birth defects will face many obstacles throughout their life, including medical and developmental hurdles. Of course, they are just as precious as healthy newborns, but it is still a tragedy when such complications are the result of preventable causes.
Why Is An Accident Lawyer Specializing In Truck Wrecks Vital?
As air freight rates increase, more and more companies use trucks to transport their merchandise. And with more 18-wheelers on the road, and more truck accidents, the need for an accident lawyer representing truck mishap victims is on the increase.
Sharing The Road Safely With Commercial Trucks
In some parts of Texas, large commercial trucks can make up one in every four vehicles on the road. To avoid becoming a statistic, it is important that you learn the “rules” for sharing the road safely with commercial trucks.
Steps To Take After A Trucking Accident
If you have been involved in a trucking accident, there are specific steps you must take in order to ensure you have the best possible chance of recovering what you are entitled to from an insurance company.
Common Claims That A Texas Injury Lawyer Handles Regularly
No one wants to be hurt and need the services of a Texas injury lawyer, but if the need arises, it is a relief to know that legal assistance is available. Personal injury attorneys in Texas handle a broad array of claims. In this article, we discuss several of the more common types.
When Should An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer In Houston Be Contacted?
Accidents involving semi-trailer trucks can happen to anyone, and knowing when to get an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston is extremely important. Incidents involving semis can be highly dangerous, ranging from major auto damage to serious personal injury—or worse.
The Similarities And Differences Of Lung Cancer And Mesothelioma
At first glance, lung cancer and mesothelioma may seem highly similar, and in some respects they are. However, they are different diseases, with different causes, prognoses, and progressions. Both, though, are serious health concerns and warrant medical treatment as soon as they are spotted.
Selecting An Accident Attorney Who Knows The Auto Laws In TX
In the aftermath of a car crash, it’s best to select an accident attorney who knows auto laws. TX legal procedures involving vehicle crashes are usually clear when it comes to liability, and when a claim is filed, much of the lawyer’s efforts will be to secure as favorable a settlement as possib...
Understanding The Laws For Products Liability & Injury Claims
One of the most active fields of law concerns consumer products and the liability that companies take on by marketing them. Designers and manufacturers have a responsibility to their customers to provide safe goods, whether it’s a child’s toy or a motor vehicle.
What To Look For In A Brain Injury Attorney In Houston
When a loved one is involved in a serious accident, finding an experienced brain injury attorney in Houston may be a top priority. Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can be part of any accident, though they are most common in vehicle crashes and in workplace incidents.
Where Can Workers That Are Hurt Offshore Find Legal Help?
For any worker hurt offshore during employment, there may be compensation available. Maritime accidents can be far-reaching and lead to missed work, financial loss, and expensive medical bills.
How Can An IVC Filter Injury Lawyer Assist Patients?
A IVC filter injury lawyer provides service to persons who have used an inferior vena cava filter. Under the product liability law, products that are sold to customers must be safe to use and include all possible side effects among their warnings.
What Should Victims Do After A Railroad Accident Occurs?
A railroad accident can be a very complex situation, both in the scope of the damages involved, as well liability assessment.
What Are The Legal Implications Of Cruise Ship Accidents?
Cruise ship accidents can turn a relaxing vacation into a nightmare. The fallout from a passenger’s misfortune may include various medical and financial difficulties; along with having to cut a vacation short and possibly having to delay their return back home or to work.
Common Misconceptions About Houston Personal Injury Cases
When an injury occurs due to another’s negligence, the hurt party should be entitled to compensation, and unfortunately, a Houston personal injury attorney may have to step in to see that justice prevails.
When Should A Medical Malpractice Attorney Be Considered?
Patients who have been inflicted with physical or emotional distress because of the irresponsible actions of a doctor should consider contacting a medical malpractice attorney.
Who Can Wrongful Death Attorneys Help & How?
Nothing is more devastating to a family than losing a loved one, and when another party’s negligence is responsible for fatal injuries, wrongful death attorneys can help a family get the closure they need.
What Agencies & Alerts Might A Recall Lawyer Respond To?
A recall lawyer has to monitor several agencies and industries at once, as defective products are constantly released and withdrawn from the market. There are several product safety alert levels, and these alerts are handled by a variety of consumer agencies.
Reasons To Hire A Trucking Accident Attorney With Experience
There aren’t many things as traumatic as a trucking accident. An attorney should be considered as soon as possible after medical treatment when an accident with a large commercial truck or 18-wheeler occurs. If the crash is the truck driver’s fault, the trucking company will not wait.
Why Is A Jones Act Lawyer Important To Maritime Workers?
A Jones Act lawyer is an extremely important person to those in the maritime industry, as they provide an important layer of protection for seamen who are hurt on the job.
A Vehicle Accident Lawyer May Be Helpful With The Legal Process
A vehicle accident lawyer may be able to help a victim get closure following a crash, and also help provide the resources they need to secure ongoing medical care, if necessary.
How Is A Personal Injury Case Managed By An Attorney?
A personal injury case can involve everything from a simple slip and fall to a badly designed medication that produces life-threatening side effects. In general, these claims are filed when a party’s negligence harms another, though negligence is not always a necessary factor.
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